My blog is all about my future plans and science topics that I find interesting.  I included the college I am planning on going to and some information about it.  Along with that I posted a few articles that has helpful tips.  My favorite part of this blog though is the science articles.  I find them to be fascinating and educational.

Blogging is such a useful tool in many ways.  A blogger could use it to get feedback from others about all topics or even could ask for advice.  Its also a great way to reach out to others that have the same interests.  Bloggers can also read others blogs and read something they might have missed.

If I would write another blog it would be about the sport of pole vault.  I would be able to post workouts, post videos of vaulters with great techniques, and answer questions from other vaulters.

I thought this was a great project because it taught a useful tool like blogging, but it also had the students explore different categories  like colleges, careers, and goals.