Cardiac Surgeons: Career Information for Becoming a Cardiac Surgeon

Cardiac Surgery is a specialized field in surgery that deals with the heart.

Heart in a Portable Heart Perfusion System waiting to be transplanted into patient.

Cardiac surgeons can perform amazing surgeries such as heart transplants, valve replacements, and much more.  I chose cardiac surgery for the unique ability of being able to help people with fatal heart conditions.  There are both pros and cons that come with a specialized career like cardiac surgery.  Cardiac surgeons have amazing pros that I believe out weigh the cons.  They have the ability to save lives and made a median salary of 367,885 in 2012.

The cons would be the stress of having a life in your hands, the constant study of keeping up with new procedures, and the vast amount of time needed training for such a difficult profession.  All the qualities of this career make it appealing and my top choice.