Unbroken – Motivational video

When you feel like taking it easy or quitting watch this inspirational video and decide to keep going.


Scientists Turn Liver Cells Directly Into Neurons With New Technique

I recently posted an article that had 7 medical discoveries.  Number three was cellular “Leapfrogging”.  I found this article that explains the process in more detail.  At the Stanford University School of Medicine they discovered they could transform mature liver cells into neurons that could generate electricity and form junctions with other neurons.  They hope in the future it will help cure diseases and help in human therapy.

My Next Move – Surgeons

My next move is a great site to explore possible careers that may be interesting to you.  It tells you salary,personality,job outlook, and more.

My Next Move – Surgeons.

10 Personal Finance Tips for Young Adults

7 Recent Discoveries That Could Revolutionize Medicine

This is a fascinating article with amazing and mind blowing discoveries I have never heard about until now.

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