In the next 5 years I want to go to college, and receive a GPA of at least 3.5. Then I want to be accepted and be attending my first year of medical school.

5 year plans are important to keep goals and plans in an organized manner.  It makes it easier to follow and a constant reminder of what  needs to be done.  Which in return makes success more likely to achieve.

Below is an article to help make your own 5 year plan:

First Year:

  1. 3.5 GPA + in College
  2. Start Volunteer work
  3. Work on Communication Skills
  4. Job Shadow at least a few times.

Second Year:

  1. Remain at a 3.5 + GPA
  2. Regular Volunteer Work
  3. Find a group of good study partners.
  4. Job Shadow More

Third Year:

  1. Remain at 3.5 + GPA
  2. Regular Volunteer work
  3. Start studying for MCAT with study group
  4. Job shadow more and narrow career field that I am interested in.

Fourth Year:

  1. Remain at 3.5 + GPA
  2. Continue volunteer work
  3. Spend more time studying for MCAT
  4. Job Shadow continue to narrow field
  5. Apply for medical fields

Fifth Year:

  1. Begin Medical school
  2. Find a study good Study group with the same determination
  3. Keep good grades
  4. Make new contacts
  5. Make a new 5 year plan