I chose the University of Central Missouri because it is a great college at an affordable price.

University of Central Missouri James C. Kirkpatrick Library

It is located in Warrensburg, Missouri which is nearly 3 hours from St.Louis and 1 hour from Kansas City.  I plan to major in Biology Area 6: Pre-Med,Pre-Vet, Pre-Dental. Below is the the required courses for this major.


UCM’s Rock climbing Wall

You can schedule a visit at UCM by simply registering online or calling one of there offices.

The requirements to be accepted are in the link below:


UCM’s Football Stadium

The deadline to apply is December 1st and there is not an early bird deadline. Tuition is 6,395 dollars per year with room and board being 7,828 dollars each year.

UCM Dorm

The dorms are occupied by two people of the same year in school.  All have 2 beds,2 closets,and 2 desks.  They measure 11 feet by 17 feet and share a bathroom with one other room. They also come with cable, WiFi, and a couch option if wanted.  You can request to dorm with someone in the same sport as you otherwise you will be roomed with someone of the same major.